Iris+Kris: Engagement session

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IMG_9870_2014If there’s one thing I’ve personally learned from almost 9 years of being with my own wife, it’s that true love requires bravery. And it almost never wears the face you dreamed about as a sweaty, lonely adolescent. Real love doesn’t pull its punches and it doesn’t wait for you to be ready. But it is also infinitely more enriching and intoxicating than the bland, glossy magazine version we’re sold.

Iris and Kris make me think of that kind of real, no-holds-barred love. Here are two people who first found each other and then had the courage to deliberately choose each other despite their story being unconventional.

Kris says something that really sums it up for me, “Love is a verb.”

It is. It’s a decision. And when you marry someone, you get to make that decision over and over a million times over a life time. It’s not always easy, but look how beautiful it can be…IMG_9422_2014IMG_9862_2014


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